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The Geek Queen [userpic]
Game Rules
by The Geek Queen (thegamemistress)
at November 16th, 2005 (06:23 pm)

It is the responsibility of all players to have read and understand these rules. This post will be updated as needed.

These rules apply equally to everyone, both ICly and OOCly. Unlike more freeform games, The Fairgrove University Chronicles adheres closely to the rules in Changeling: The Dreaming, 2nd Edition. Discussions about rules interpretations and modifications can be posted to the OOC community, or mailed to the GM.

Game Rules

1. Each player must have a Live Journal for their character. You can create a free Live Journal Account at http://www.livejournal.com/create.bml.

2. All players must join both the fairgrove_u and fairgrove_ooc LJ Communities. To join the communities, use the link that says, "To join this community, click here," on the Community Info pages. Then use the button confirming that you wish to join the community. This will put you in the membership queue; however, you MUST have an approved character before you will be allowed to join the fairgrove_u community.

3. Each player must send a Character Sheet Post to the GM at fairgrove.mod AT gmail DOT com.

4. If you can't post for a time, please let the GM (and any other players that you're interacting with) know. Feel free to let me know if you want your character to be doing anything in particular while you're unable to post; I'll do what I can to accomodate you.

5. Be nice to your fellow players (and that includes the GM). Please try to keep any disagreements civil. The point is for everyone to have fun. As a player, you are expected to respect your fellow players' religion, race, sex, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and disabilities. This game involves people from many different walks of life, and they come here for enjoyment. A character who is biased against a particular group is one thing, but a player who displays that kind of behavior is, at the very least, exceptionally rude. OOC discrimination of any kind will not be tolerated.

6. A player's personal information is hers to reveal or conceal as she chooses. Unless a player has openly revealed his RL identity and information to the group, other players should respect his privacy and not post such details. The staff humbly requests that you do not exchange RL or even LJ identities with your fellow players; interactions should remain character to character only (when possible) in order to help preserve a sense of mystery and a measure of security. In short, you shouldn't know who is playing the other characters.

7. As this game admits players of all ages (albeit with a disclaimer about mature roleplaying), posts containing potentially objectionable material (like explicit sex or graphic violence) should be LJ-cut and Friends-Only, and a warning posted in the main text of the entry. An easy way to do this is "((OOC: Smut Warning!))" for sexual content, or "((OOC: Violence Warning!))" for violent content (you can put more detail in if you wish). If you're not sure whether or not the material is objectionable, please err on the side of caution.

8. All posts in this game must be visible to the GM. Any posts that are not visible to the GM (whether in the fairgrove_u IC Community or a character's personal journal) will not be considered part of the game.

9. Any sort of IC actions which might significantly alter the game setting (destroying University buildings, setting up traps, assembling an army of chimerical stormtroopers, etc.) should be discussed with the GM before implementation. While such IC things may indeed be allowed to happen, it is only polite to let the GM know how you are intending to implement them. Also, please be aware that there will be consequences for such actions; be prepared to face them.

10. All die rolls in this game will be made using Irony Games' Dice Server. Players must include the results of their rolls (not just the number of successes) in the pertinent post, and the results should also be e-mailed to the Moderator, at fairgrove.mod AT gmail DOT com (you can do this right on the dice server).

11. It should go without saying that the GM's ruling is final. Discussions about game issues are fairly common, and handled in a friendly and reasonable manner. The OOC Community is full of them. However, if the GM makes a final judgment call, that is the final decision.

12. All information in private threads, or threads in which your PC is not present, is not known by your character, unless he has used some means to divine that information. This must go through the GM. Do not act on OOC information.

13. The fairgrove_u community is for In-Character posting only. While the occasional Out of Character comment is allowed, OOC conversations should be reserved for the fairgrove_ooc community.

14. For style conventions, see this post.

15. To adapt the game to the LJ format, the following general guidelines for participation are followed:
  • Any Public thread in an ICly-public place (e.g., outdoors, a public building) that is posted to the fairgrove_u group is open to other characters joining the RP.

  • A player should ask permission of the other characters involved before joining any thread in an ICly-private place (e.g., a character's dorm room) that is posted to the fairgrove_u group, unless it is clearly marked as an open thread (example: "OOC: All players are welcome here!"). The granting of permission should be documented on the relevant thread:

    [Player 1]: ((OOC: Do you mind if [my character] happens by the room and joins this scene?))
    [Player 2]: ((OOC: Not at all - feel free to jump in!))

  • A player should ask permission of the other characters involved before joining a Friends-Only thread in the fairgrove_u community.

  • A player should ask permission of the other characters involved before joining any thread in a character's private journal, unless it is clearly marked as an open thread.

16. Do not post other PCs' or NPCs' actions or reactions for them unless given express permission to do so by the player or GM controlling the character. Other people's characters are theirs to control.


Acceptable: "Lord Raphael regards the gathered kithain thoughtfully, absently smoothing a stray strand of golden hair away from his vivid blue eyes, and waits for Lady Valeria to sit down beside him."

Unacceptable: "Lord Raphael awes the assembled kithain with his flawless beauty, arousing intense desire in all the females and jealous envy in all the males. Lady Valeria sits down beside him, placing a hand on his muscular arm."

17. Once you post an action by your character, it will have happened. There will be no taking back of actions, so be sure that you only post what you want your character to do. The result of said actions will have to be dealt with IC. There is to be NO deleting of any IC post or comment without the express permission of the GM.

18. Be aware that unpleasant things may happen to your character in this game. This does not mean that anyone is deliberately trying to make your IC life miserable. If you have a problem with something going on IC, feel free to inform the other player(s) involved, as well as the GM (also see the Rules for Conflict-Laden RP).

19. A physical description of the character and contact information for the player (at minimum, a working e-mail address) must be posted in each character's Livejournal User Information. Should you prefer not to use your main e-mail address, there are a number of free e-mail services on the Internet - Yahoo! Mail and Gmail are only two of these.

20. Have fun!