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The Geek Queen [userpic]
Character Submission format
by The Geek Queen (thegamemistress)
at November 16th, 2005 (06:40 pm)

Here's the format I'd like character sheets to be sent to me in. Please send them to fairgrove.mod (at) gmail.com.

Please use the form below when applying, and type or paste everything into the body of your e-mail message - no attachments or fancy formatting (multiple columns, etc.). Applications not submitted in this format will be rejected.

Before submitting a character, make sure to read the Character Creation Guidelines and rules of this game.

Character sheet post format

Player Information

LJ Username: (the one you will be using for this game)
E-mail: (your preferred e-mail contact address)
IM Username: (your preferred Instant Messaging alias, if any; also include which Instant Messaging service you use)
Are you over 18? (Note: If you are under 18, please say so)

Character Information

Character's Name (Mortal):
Character's Name (Faerie):
House (if any; all sidhe must have one):
Seelie Legacy:
Unseelie Legacy:
Mortal Age: (if the character's apparent age is different from hir actual age, please explain this here)
Year in school: (Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior, Graduate School)
Attributes: Physical, Social, Mental. Include specialties as appropriate; e.g., Strength 4, Wits 5 (conversation)
Abilities: Talents, Skills, Knowledges. List only those your character has a stat in; e.g., Crafts 2, Lore 3 (sidhe)
Backgrounds: If your Background is a mentor, chimera, etc., describe and name them here.
Arts: List with score, e.g., Wayfare 3
Realms: List with score, e.g., Fae 4
Glamour, Willpower and Banality: List only the permanent values; do not list temporary ones, as they will fluctuate.
Birthrights & Frailties, House Boon and Flaw:
Merits & Flaws: List these, and provide a shorthand description of what each involves (e.g., Poetic Heart, 3 pt merit; may make a willpower roll vs. perm banality to avoid gaining a point of temp banality, once per story). The shorthand is so I'm not constantly looking up Merits and Flaws. Providing me with the book and page number for a particular Merit or Flaw is very helpful!
Background & Personality: This should be the longest section! In it, please remember to include details of your character's early life, family, Chrysalis, and so on. These are important things, so take the time to think them out.
Goals: What sort of goals does your character have? Does he want to win friends and influence people? Does she want to learn all she can so she can return to her home duchy as a worthy successor to her mentor?
Description of your character: Include both mortal and faerie appearance.
Equipment: Any equipment, either real or chimerical, that your PC has.
Sample LJ Post: An example of an IC journal post for this game. Think of this as your "writing sample;" it gives me an idea of how well you can write (very important in a game like this one).

Below is an example of a Sample LJ Post, in the style preferred for this game:
Aidan sets his duffel bag down on one of the dorm room beds and then retrieves a cardboard mailing tube from the corresponding desk. He carefully pulls a rolled-up sheet of paper from inside it, and then produces a package of Sticky-Tac from his bag.

Standing on the chair, he unrolls a "Two Towers" poster and tacks it above the desk. After a few minutes, a "Spider-Man" poster goes up next to it. Grinning, he hops down and stands back to admire his handiwork. **There. That looks better already.**